Silent Rage is now out!

Hey guys! I know it’s the day after Halloween and you guys were expecting the release. Let’s just say I had a crazy night and the launch flew passed me. I’m shaking my head so hard at myself. I’m awful. But nevertheless, I’m telling you guys that the book is live and you guys can…

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Blog Tuesday

Hey everyone, Sernaro here and I wanted to talk about the dreaded topic of deadlines. So deadlines, college students hate them, artists hate them, pretty much everyone hates them. As self-published authors we generally make our own deadlines for projects but as inexperienced as we are, we don’t make really good deadlines. Our first book…

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Blog 3/12

Hey Sernaro here again, what’s something you take for granted? Maybe this is a heavy topic for you or perhaps you’ve never really had a chance to think about it. Either way, this would be a nice topic to explore as someone who always somehow has a front that I seem to always have everything…

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