Hidden in the Dark Book Cover revealed!

Hi guys! Long time since I posted. I’ll explain everything on Wednesday but right now I wanna show you guys the book cover for the new Whispers in the Dark Book 2, Hidden in the Dark. Ready? Ta da! I know I should have shown this to you earlier but according to a certain early…

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WITD – First encounter

“Hey! Watch it!” The man growled as he picked himself from the floor. The woman looked over the man. Clearly, he wasn’t an officer and lacked any decent manners.    ‘A little too casual and hot-headed are we?’ She thought while she got up dusting herself off then went off, “I could say the same…

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WITD Quote – Kiara

“Nana. Nana, wake up!” A nine-year-old girl jumped on the bed leaned against the wall of the room and began shaking her older sister with shrill excitement. Her black, natural curls bounce frantically as she tries to wake her sister from her stupor. Nadia groans.  “Yes Kiara?” Nadia mumbles half asleep.  “Nana its eight o’…

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