Here comes a Thought (Racism)

Here comes a thought. It bothered me for as long as I can remember. I can’t stand that word. The word runs deep to me. That deep it has an invisible hold on my heart and it pains me every time whenever an act of this word is shown in the media. Other words includes…

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A Final Goodbye

A/N: Happy Friday everyone! Here’s another story for you. This story is based off a true event that happened over the summer. Enjoy! It was a dark night for I was relaxing on the couch, a blanket covering me from the waist down and laptop sitting on my thighs. Across from me was the TV playing…

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Take the Risk

With the new year on a role, now’s the time to start new, start fresh and try something out of your comfort zone. Maybe write a book, start a business, create music, go on the travel adventure you’ve been meaning to go on for a few years. It is the time to explore your curiosity…

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