If Only She Knew (Short story)

Hey everyone! Like I mentioned in my blog post, here is one of the stories I wrote during the writing challenge. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, how much I love her. Getting to wake up every morning to her delightful face brings joy to my heart. Her warm brown eyes, beautiful freckle skin, and chestnut…

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Letter to my former “Dearest”

If I were a more honest person, would you have taken me seriously? Perhaps not, I understand but it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t bring me down every now and then. I just wonder where you are and how you’re doing sometimes, it’s been awhile. I saw you tried to call me again, I’m sorry…

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Decision – Story Friday

Inspired by Decisions by Rotimi Ooh, yeahOoh, nahOoh, yeahYeah-yeah, yeah-yeahH-Money My head sways side to side to the flow of the song. My eyes were focus on looking out the window while I ignore the outside world with my headphones as I sat on the bus. Reaching my destination, I got off carrying my backpack…

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