The Gemist – (story/script)

Happy Friday everyone. Alright, for today’s story I’m sharing something that’s very special to me. This was my first EVER attempt to write a script. I wrote this about eight years ago. I didn’t know anything about screenplay writing and I thought, why not go for it and try it for myself. I always admire…

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To a better Tomorrow

I impatiently sat on the cushion of a my seat in the train room, uncomfortably shifting my leg up and down in a nervous fit. Still, I tried to sit properly as my late father had taught me to, with my legs together and my hands displayed neatly on my lap. The back is meant…

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Friday story

Story concepts, Witch Time (tentative name) single character, human female. Modern day setting 2013, New England Death clock (actual name tentative), appears on back of hand format hr:mn:sc when there is at least 99:99:99 left on yourself. On anyone else, it’ll only be readable within a 24 hour range, 24:00:00 will be the starting count down.…

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