Life so Far (Blog)

Hey guys! I know it’s Sernaro’s week to put up a blog post today but I’m helping her out this week. Things have been stressful for her so I thought why not and lend her a hand. She might post her own blog later today or tonight and that’s fine. Wanted to come here and…

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New Year, Time to Change

Hey guys! Happy New Year! I hope you guys are starting the year off on a strong note or not, that’s fine it’s completely up to you. So for the last two weeks of December, I’ve gone through some recollection and decided to put things into action for the new year and actually keep my…

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The Unknown (Weekly Quote)

Here’s the thing about the unknown; it can be frightening as hell but at the same time it can lead to opportunities and adventure. You may never know until you go into the unknown.

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