Friday Story

My memories are hazy, but I know you Two years ago I believe we’ve stood on this floor You’ve made my heart flutter before Yet I don’t remember, so do I know you? You know I’ve been eyeing you, you caught me and smiled My heart flutters like once before Knowing that, does it matter…

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Take the Risk

With the new year on a role, now’s the time to start new, start fresh and try something out of your comfort zone. Maybe write a book, start a business, create music, go on the travel adventure you’ve been meaning to go on for a few years. It is the time to explore your curiosity…

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Finding Yourself

Sernaro here and today I wanted to take a quick break from being an author and talk about something you hear fairly often enough. Confidence.   Confidence goes a long way and has helped me get through a lot over the years. I hope you all found a nice place in life where you can say…

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