Story Friday

“And suppose your plan goes as proposed, do you really believe it would be for the best?” “But it will!” “Think. YOU won’t have to worry about the repercussions, YOU just reap the benefits. But what about her?” “And what about her?” “You don’t care?” “I don’t.” Advertisements

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The Hanged Man’s Curse

It’s been said, in Virginia lies a small ghost town. Truth be told, the town was full of life, visitors would come and enjoy themselves but when night came no one was to step foot outside until dawn. No matter what they heard, they must not listen to the lies that went on outside. To…

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The Telephone Part 1

Here you guys go! Another short story. So quick note, I’m breaking this into parts. I don’t know how many but here is part 1. I hope you guys enjoy. The sun shined, emitting its warm rays in the baby blue skies with mindless, fluffy white clouds passing by. A day like this would assume…

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