About Us

Hello there! Welcome to our author website. This is our playground for short stories that have been dormant in our minds and now we’re letting everyone see our work. We wanted to create a place for our stories, poems, and blog to show who we are as a person. Even if it meant showing the errors and the mistake before we finalize them.

Meet Senaro (Eos):  Eos mix

Hi, I’m Sernaro and I’m a writer. I spend most of my working but I love taking the time to edit Taci’s work whenever it comes in. I love reading books and stories from fantasy, dystopia, or anything really. I love writing about scenarios that play out in my head throughout the day like using telekinesis to make work easy or shipping people together to make a cute yet unrealistically romantic set up. If you ever wanna read short stories then I’m your girl.


Meet Taci (Selene):Selene mix 1

Hey, I’m Taci. I’m a writer and a night owl. Writing is my passion, it allows me to open my imagination and fears to write stories I’m proud of. My type of stories is mostly insanity, dark, paranormal and supernatural. Here’s the twist, I hate watching horror movies. I know. Weird, right? My inspiration for my stories isn’t from horror movies but from my own fear and darkness itself.