A Letter to Her – Flash Fiction

Autumn is coming and you’re going to leave me soon.

I can’t stop you. It was the choice you made.

You told me it was love. You loved him. You still do since you’re leaving for a while to be with him as the weather change and it gets colder.

The moment you’re gone, the leaves on the trees will change. What was once a vibrant green will turn into multiple shades of red, orange, and yellow. With them falling off the branches. The mortals will celebrate with scares and the day of giving.

Maybe not this year, I don’t know. I guess I’ll just wait and see. The trees will slowly die as Jack comes by, bringing his shenanigans for a winter wonderland for a couple of months.

Going into the new year it’s then you’ll return. Making all dead things alive once more. The weather will be warm… well depending how long can mother nature can last when mortals are hurting her. Maybe it won’t be so bad when you’re gone, considering there’s a possibility of a second wave of a global pandemic. I bet your husband is working overtime around the clock, huh. Well I can’t say much because he’s my boss.

At least you won’t be here for the mess coming soon. You’ll be with him, helping around any new comers. I’ll be here counting the bodies dropping. How dull.

When you come back, let’s have some fun. We’ll have a girls night out. That way I can laugh at your face expression when I tell you what happened since you’ve been gone. I’m really going to miss you. But I know you’ll be happy with him.

Be safe Persephone. I’ll see you later.