New Things Coming (Blog)

Hello everybody! Happy hump day. How is everyone doing? I hope you guys are doing alright. We are eight almost nine months through the year and though it has showed uncertainty, the important thing is to pull through this.

Sernaro has been busy with work, as for me, I’m been writing, working and keeping myself together. Nevertheless, I’ve been trying to post at least two times each week and give you guys some content.

Whether it’s a quote and a blog post or quote and flash fiction, I want to keep posting at least twice a week. I know to some you guys are used to us posting three times a week but things change. I am trying to get back to posting three times but this summer especially it’s been down to two.

However there is some news I do want to talk to you guys about. I mention earlier in the year that new things are coming to Eos & Selene and it’s about to happen. We will be moving from WordPress to a different platform! Sernaro and I did talk it over and we thought it was time for an upgrade and with new things in the works the decision was the right choice to make.

We would love for you guys to come along with us as we talk about future projects and special announcements. Join our newsletter and be notify of awesomeness coming soon. I can’t wait for this next step to our author’s journey.