The Mirror (Flash Fiction)

The Mirror 

They say mirrors are a gateway to a different world. It shows you all your flaws and secrets. It watches you, it sees everything and if you break one there is a price that comes with it. They say its bad luck but it’s more than that, shatter a mirror and your darkest secrets are revealed.

What was hidden in that mirror is now free to do whatever it please. It has a choice. It takes form of a body, man, woman, child, elder.

Truth is, it follows you.

When you believe things are going your way it will follow you until it finds a new home. A mirror where they can enter to learn more about your new secrets and insecurities. Destroy the mirror in spite, they will haunt you. They will be your nightmare until you can’t take it no more.

People will discover your darkest secrets and the light will rise allowing them to be in peace only if you are. If not, darkness will cloud your judgement and heart causing you to do things you thought were for a good reason. Remember, it’s not just a mirror.

It’s what knows you the best, the good, the bad, the ugly and the most low. It know more secrets than you will ever know. If you mess with it, then don’t say I didn’t warn you. Bad luck? I guess. It’s your darkest secrets that will follow you. You can lie to yourself and agree you are clean. Nothing to hide. 

No one is perfect. There is always a side that no one sees. They only look at one side and don’t see the others. They hold the truth. The truth that no one wishes to see. The truth that they avoid. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter. Because when they see a mirror, it’s their appearance they see. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sure some say positive things to themselves in the mirror, but just know it will always be there. Watching after you, time and time again. It knows who you are and it always will.