Addiction (Flash Fiction)

Thunder roared as rain stormed down from the gray skies. A woman runs out from her house when someone catches her arm. From the distress and tear stained face, she tries to pull away from her captor. The man raised his voice trying to explain himself, unfortunately the female wouldn’t listen. Once she managed to escape his grip she tries to leave again before he tackled her to the floor. Pinning her arms above her head and tried to reason with her. She only screamed in frustration trying to break free.

Not caring both were drenched by the rain, at this point, the male lifted her over his shoulders and brought her back inside the house. Once they were inside he made his way up the stairs and to the bedroom.

“Damn it, Alex. Can you stop and listen to me?” He threw her on the bed and shut the door. Alex glared at him with hatred.

“No. Fuck you Eric! I trusted you and you played me!” He winced to the volume of her heated yet broken voice. Eric sighed and stayed where he was. He knew if he went any closer, she would scream bloody murder and police would be here due to noisy neighbors.

“Would you please listen to me? What I did, I have no excuse. I admit it I fucked up and that’s on me. But I want us to work things out together. It didn’t mean anything and I don’t care about her.” Alex laugh bitter.

“You don’t care about her than why would you sleep with her in the first place? Let me guess, you just wanted too with no reason behind it.” Before Eric could answer, Alex got up from the bed.

“I would look past this if you give me time. We would work something out, but I can’t trust you especially when you were fucking her in our bed, Eric!” He knew it wasn’t the smartest things he’s ever done. In his defense it happened so fast and he knew he shouldn’t intervene in the situation. It pained his heart to see Alex come home and see her walk in on them. The betrayal in her eyes wanted him to vomit in disguise by his actions.

“Alex, just let me explain.” He tries again. He didn’t want to yell at her. He didn’t want to fight her. He only wanted her to listen and then he would let her go but getting through to her was not happening. Eric was tired of it. He wanted this to stop. And the only possibility he could get that is maybe let her go and cool off before trying to talk to her. Yeah. That seems reasonable. Right?      

Lost in his thoughts he was unaware Alex slipped by him and headed for the stairs. Eric snaps out of it and chases after her. He calls after her but she doesn’t respond. He grabs her wrist and she starts hitting him.

“Go away! I hate you.” The two standing in front of the stairs, Alex continues to shove him.

“Alex, stop!” However she doesn’t. Blinded by hurt and rage she continues to shove him. “Leave me alone, I hate you.” Eric loses his footing and with one final shove, he tumbles down the stairs with a loud crack with his body hits the floor. If it wasn’t for the rain pouring outside the house would be completely silent. Alex stared at the body below. Her body, frozen in fear of what happened.

“E-Eric?” She called him. No response.

“Come on Eric, it’s not funny.” Slowly she made her way downstairs to Eric. She bends down to check his pulse. There was none. Her hand trembled in fear.

“Eric? Eric, wake up.” She didn’t want to believe it. She couldn’t believe it. Shit, what did she do? If he just let her be than she wouldn’t be in this situation. In an instance her legs backed away from the body until her back hit the wall. Hugging her knees together, she sobs with hot tears burning her eyes.

‘It was an accident. I didn’t mean it.’ Her mind was racing with millions of questions until it went blank and she saw something. It was a playback from childhood to seeing herself yelling to what appeared herself. It was then she realized what she was seeing were Eric’s memories!

How was she seeing them? Why was she seeing them? She sat there, eyes closed as the memories played in her mind. She saw everything through his eyes. How he hurt her, how he only wanted to make things right and how he was going to leave her alone after he told his stories then the stairs followed by darkness. Alex opened her eyes. She tried to shake the memories out from her head but they wouldn’t leave. Having them there, dare she say, gave her a high moment.

No. She shakes her head before closing her eyes.

“I can’t. I promised to never do it again. I-It was an accident. I didn’t mean it.” Minutes pass by as Alex laid on the couch enjoying in the rush of his memories entering her head. Oh, how she missed this feeling. It felt like cloud 9. A gift and it came with a hefty price to pay. Alex looks over at Eric and sighed.

“I guess its time to start over again.”