15 Songs That Set the Writing Mood

Hi everyone! Happy hump day! First, a huge apology for not posting a Monday quote. Life got me down and I couldn’t write something motivating when I wasn’t.

Nevertheless, I’m here today to talk to you about music and writing. Unlike some writers who need absolute quiet, I’m the one who needs to listen to music while I’m writing. Music sets the tone or mood for the scene or character. Now I’ve tried writing in silence and my mind kept coming up blank. However, there were extremely rare times I was able to write with no music but those were mainly waking up from a nightmare.

So I’m going to break it down into 3 categories; badass female action, enter a new world and breathe. Each category will have a list of 5 songs that I have saved in the many playlists on my Spotify. Keep in mind these are just a few. Maybe you’ve heard of them or you haven’t. Here are 15 songs that help set the writing mood.

My tip is listen to how the beat is playing and picture what your characters would be doing throughout the song.

Badass Female Action

When it comes to this category, it’s more of the hard hitting bass and sometimes the lyrics. These five songs are a few of how I picture my female characters in situations. Are they about to fight a group of bad guys or demons? Are they going easy on their targets or ruthless? Are they in a speed chase to shake the enemy loose?

  2. Boom Boom Boom Boom Empire Cast
  3. Danger – Migos, Marshmello
  4. I Gotta Live Wande
  5. Bad Bish – Star Cast

Enter a New World

This category is focused on exploring new possibilities for you characters. For example, your character enters the dream world of their friend, what do they see? What happens to them? This isn’t hard hitting like the first category but it should help unlock the wonders you hold.

  1. A Nostalgic Dream – Peter Gundry
  2. The Last of Her Kind – Peter Gundry
  3. Confluence – Secession Studios
  4. Vendetta – Secession Studios
  5. Transylvanian Lullaby – Erutan


Now this one is centered around lofi hip hop music. I love playing some on low volume while writing. This works wonders especially when it isn’t an intense scene in the book. If your scene is about your character taking a walk and thinking to themselves, or they’re on a date, etc these could help your writing flow. Also, gets you relaxed in the process.

  1. Things That I See – Flitz&Suppe
  2. Sleeping in – Aso, Harris Cole
  3. Before You Fall Asleep – Jhove
  4. the reason why – Fleeky
  5. Red Flowers – Ageturner

What do you guys think about the music selection? These are just my personal preferences when it comes to setting the mood. Of course everyone is different. Do you like writing with music or without? What are your favorite type of songs that get you writing? Until the next time…