5 TV Shows that give me Writing Inspiration

Hey guys! It’s been a while. With COVID, protesting, and possible zombie and alien invasion I wanted to come here and talk about some light-hearted things. Things such as what type of television genres that give me inspiration for my writing style.

For those who don’t know my writing is geared towards supernatural, crime, mystery, thriller, suspense, and horror. In other words, my writing style is on the dark side. Truth is I can write a little romance but mainly darkness is my kind of writing. I’ve already talked about my top five favorite authors who inspired my writing style so why not do tv shows?

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

  1. Sleepy Hollow

My top show that I still binge-watch to this day is Sleepy Hollow. This show brought all kinds of chills that I needed to get into researching different types of creatures. The headless horsemen, a different take on history, and a man that slept for a long period of time just to wake up in the future is fun. The period difference between Ichabod and Abby Mills is refreshing to see. Some of the creatures on Sleepy Hollow are quite fascinating for me that I’ll take a creature from the show and make a few changes to them.

2. Criminal Minds

Like I mentioned other than the supernatural I enjoy some crime shows. I love this show! I’ve been watching this show since I was a freshman in high school. This show may not include supernatural however, it gives chill because it brings a deep perspective in the darkness within the human mind. You have to admit some of the killers on the show get you thinking about real-life killers and how they not only behave but think as well.

3. Supernatural

Okay so this is a no brainer. My favorite type of genre is the name of a show. I didn’t know about the show until two years ago. I did hear about it but I never thought to watch it. It was on Netflix and I thought why not give it a try. I have to admit the first episode got me scared. But, after watching three episodes later I was hooked to the show. I got to take a look into different myths, creatures and a bit of the religious aspect with Lucifer and warrior angels. Plus two good looking brothers travel the country and battle the supernatural together. I’ve had laughs, had some cries, there were moments that got me in my feelings and more.

4. Charmed

I heard about Charmed when I was little. Three women who gain the abilities of premonition, freezing time, and telekinesis. Also, they are witches. I’m getting back into watching Charmed and I’m observing how they portray demons and monsters. So far, it’s not bad.

5. Rosewood

Alright, this certain show is more of a detective, crime interest. Plus the main character is a pathologist who looks deep into the human body. The side effects of whatever item or substance and what it does to the human body is enticing. I could take those side effects, change things up, and experiment with it in my stories. I do have to remind myself to check the facts on certain things. Such as the results of the amounts of blood loss and what wound does what to the body. Overall, it’s a good show to binge-watch.

So there you have it! What are your favorite shows that give you writing inspiration? Do you have any shows I didn’t mention that have a dark side?