Leave Me in the Dark Ch.1 (Sample)

Here you guys have it! This is a sample of chapter 1 of book 3 of the ongoing series Whispers in the Dark. Let me know what you guys think about it. Also please keep in mind this is a rough draft. So if something seem off to you, it will get edited later. Enjoy!

Snow fell graciously from the white sky. With the weather changing, the city covered in a white, the temperature matched dropping past the freezing point. It didn’t stop places to prepare the month with sales of chocolates, stuffed, and hearts of red, and white. At the precinct, Roy sat in his chair glancing at the window admiring the snow outside. He sighed, it’s already a new year so far there haven’t been many supernatural cases to worry about. Since the Krampus case back in December, things went back to normal. Well, his definition of normal is Nadia only stopping by to check up on him, Duff and Reed.

He pulled out his phone to check the time. When he turned on his phone, a warm smile came on his face. His lock screen was a reminder of why of how lucky he was. On his screen was a picture of both Nadia with Kiara sleeping, cuddling with each other on the couch. Nothing brought him more joy than his two princesses. Even though one hunts demons and the other is a witch. Nevertheless, he loved them and the moments he has with them.     

A knock on the door startled him from his reverie. The man puts his phone away and sat up to spin the chair around to face the door. He looks up to see Reed entering his office with his button shirt disheveled.

“What can I do for, Reed?” Roy eyed the man from head to toe. It was clear something happened to him. “In fact, do you mind telling me what happened to you?” Reed fixes himself up before taking a seat. A smirk quickly came to his face as he started to snicker.

“Have you told the detective about February and what happens to Nadia during this month?” A smug look persisted on the green-eyed man’s face. Roy pinched the top of his nose in frustration. “I knew there was something I forgot to mention to him. Has Thorn noticed it?” Roy replied.

Reed shook his head affirmatively for a moment before snickering again. Roy raised an eyebrow due to the doctor’s odd behavior. “Reed?” Reed burst into laughter as memories replay in his head of the events that took place minutes ago.

Reed’s laughter died down. “Thorn came to me and asked me if I’ve seen Nadia yet.” Roy sat there listening to the medic’s story.

Roy asked. “And what did you tell him?” Reed shrugged his shoulders as he answers. “I told him to leave Nadia alone and if he sees her I suggested to stays out of her way.”

“Then why were you snickering?”

 Reed tried to contain his laughter once more. “Nadia stopped by minutes I warned Thorn to avoid her.” Roy raised a bushy eyebrow.

“Why did Nadia stop by? You and I both know when it comes to February the only time she leaves her home is when she has to go to work. Otherwise, she remains locked inside.”

“I was giving her something.” Roy sighed while pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“You mean liquor.”

“2 bottles each of Hennessy, Jack Daniels, tequila, vodka, and patron.” Reed simply stated.

“And you gave it to her? She needs to stop drinking all that liquor.” Roy slammed his fist on the desk. Reed was unfazed by the captain’s action.

In a calm manner, he explained himself. “I don’t like her drinking all of that either. However, it amazes me that she doesn’t get hangovers or drunk of that matter. The alcohol doesn’t have any effects on her body. It’s like her blood ability burns the alcohol fast enough for her not to feel anything.  According to her she only feels a slight buzz after she drinks a ton of it and that happens extremely rarely. Thorn noticed her… “

“Let me guess she gave him the arctic?” Reed nods.

“He was in shock, you should’ve seen the look on his face. I had to hold him back when Nadia left cause he was prepared to argue with her again hence why I came to your office out of place. It was hilarious.” Roy couldn’t help but chuckle.