On Repeat? (Poem)

Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m overthinking things

I know 2020 hasn’t been the best year so far

But let’s be real

Can’t say it’s the worst year yet

We are half way through the year

Even though it feels like it

However I can’t shake this weird feeling

If you remember the events taking place each month

January = WW3 + massive wildfires, February = Kobe Bryant, March = COVID

April = Quarantine, May = Quarantine + police brutality

June = pride + protest (globally too)

Now we’re in July and what has it got us?

A similar repeat

Think about it, June was the month of protesting and the movement went to a global scale

Something global reverts to the WW3 posts and getting attention from social media in January

Maybe. Sorta?

If you don’t see it then how about this

We lost a famous celebrity that starred on Glee

A famous person’s death

February was Kobe

Now there are high spikes of COVID rising again

March is when COVID came, now its spiking in July

Will we have another mandatory quarantine in August or September?

It seems like time is repeating itself with certain events

Like I said, maybe it’s just me