Progress Report

Hey Sernaro here and its wednesday. So its been a bit since you’ve all heard from us and I wanted to give you guys a quick explanation on that. You all deserve that much and it only makes sense that you hear from us instead of dealing with static.

So Taci, she’s been super hard at work finishing up and placing any finishing touches onto the second WITD book. Some plans in regard to the book had been changed including merging the short story into the actual book which will require more work to let it flow better having written the side story in first person versus the third person we had written the main story in.

On my end, I’ve been working hard at work knowing not everyone can come back quite yet. Its sad and frustrating knowing not everyone can come back yet but my main motivation is that I am working 48-54 hour work weeks so that by the time this pandemic finally slows down as much as it can, then we all still have a job to go back to. Sorry that takes away my time.

We are both hard at work on our ends and are continuing to think of making fuller, quality content we know you will enjoy. Thank you in advance for your understanding, stay safe and healthy out there. Sernaro signing off.