Book title Revealed! A Whispers in the Dark Series

Hello guys! Happy hump day! That’s right, I got my head together and remember what day it was today. Today is self explanitory if you take a look at the title.

Now I’ve been keeping under wraps mainly because with COVID and personal issues I havent been able to focus much attention on it for the past two to three months. However, I did talk about a little mainly with the type of monster I should put in it. I have a strong idea of how I want the antagonist is going to be. I just need to now write my version.

Good news, I actually have a base foundation from early rough drafts. Right now is going over them before doing major changes and edits. Most likely I’ll have the official draft done by the end of the month, then it’s sent to an editor and while it’s being looked over, I can prepare other projects in the making.

So yay! I’m excited to for this book to drop. I will drop more news along the way before the launch date. As you guys know the launch of this book will be coming in the fall. By fall, I mean October. I’ve mentioned it before that October is a special month for my writing partner and I and we make it a tradition to drop a new book in October.

Because our type of books are in the thriller, supernatural horrish genre, it’s only fair that we drop a new book every year in October. The official date will be announced later.

But today I wanted to drop the title of the new book.

You ready….

Ta da! Here you have it. The new book will be call Leave me in the Dark. This is a continuation to the book series Whispers in the Dark. I can’t believe it’s already on it’s third book. I’m pumped to bring this book out and since it will be the two year anniversary of our first book of the series, I’m thinking about doing some thing fun. Can’t spill anything right now but you’ll notice soon.

What do you guys think about the title? Do you like it? Hate it? Let me know!