Keep on Keeping on

Hey, Sernaro here. So things are starting to pick up again so I’ve been working back at the store like a chicken with its head cut off. So to avoid talking anything too political lets talk about something fun, mental health!

So as you may already be aware of, The current pandemic has probably made it hard for everyone in almost every way possible. People are losing friends and families, many more people are still out of work be it for whatever reasons, and being home in isolation can not be good for anyone introverted or otherwise. Its hard but we as a society have gotten through tough times like these together, we can do our part and so that we can move on from this faster.

Now dealing with self isolation, there are plenty of ways to try to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Instant messaging and video chat is a lovely way to talk to loved ones at a distance, you could even use it for long sessions to watch tv shows together. There is still so many hotlines and textlines out there too for therapy for anyone who needs to talk to professionals

Maybe its a walk or a nice breather, regardless a nice distraction is always a fun way to keep yourself productive and motivated to keep on keeping on. Sernaro signing off