If Only She Knew (Short story)

Hey everyone! Like I mentioned in my blog post, here is one of the stories I wrote during the writing challenge. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, how much I love her. Getting to wake up every morning to her delightful face brings joy to my heart. Her warm brown eyes, beautiful freckle skin, and chestnut wavy hair. Am I a lucky man to capture one with such beauty and elegance? Every time she says my name chills go down my spine. Her moans bring out the inner beast to ensure she gets nothing but pleasure. She is my world, my true love, and caretaker. Well… there is one problem. She’s trying to kill me.


I wake up to see her straddling my waist. The angelic smile on her face is the best wake-up call for me. I couldn’t help but smirk at the view. Wearing silk, lace pajama set and her hair styled even though she got up from bed, it took my breath away.

“Morning.” She says to me. She leans in and places a soft kiss on my lips. Mmm… taste like sugar cookies.

“Morning,” I told her I did before wrapping my arms around her. Her rose scent enticed my nose. Damn her smell is getting to me.

She moves to my ear and whispers, “I’ll go make some breakfast.” She slides off and makes her way to the kitchen, I only sighed as I watched her go. I got up, grabbed my phone, and head to the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, I could only contemplate myself. I want to tell her but I can’t. I love her, I love this little game we have going on.

Suddenly my phone vibrates with a text message from my friend.

‘Did you tell her yet?’ Texting back a reply telling him no before brushing my teeth and heading to the kitchen. Carefully, tiptoeing I noticed my dear frustrated. I hid while I observed her whisking something.

Hello… What’s this? She quickly put on some gloves and poured some white powder substance in them. I could only smile at her attempt. I waited five minutes before I entered the kitchen. My love smiled at me and placed a plate of eggs with other deliciousness in front of me.

“Looks fantastic.” She giggles, “Thank you. I’m quite the chef.” A knock came to the door.

“Could you get that?” She looks at me. “Sure.” The moment she walks over I swiftly got up and made my way to the trash to find a small plastic bag. Interesting. It’s better if I didn’t pick it up. When the door close I quickly got back to my seat, acting as if I was eating the eggs.

“Who was that?” I asked. She held a boutique of flowers beautifully arranged. She smiled at me. 

“It’s delivery to me by a really handsome guy.” I only raised an eyebrow. Leaning back aganist the chair I couldn’t help but smirk. 

“Should I be jealous of this guy since he’s sending my wife flowers?” When she was close enough I snaked my arm around her waist bringing her close to me where she kissed me. Damn, I love this woman. I pull away from to see her lovely eyes. She chuckles and walks away before shouting over her shoulder, “Eat your breakfast.” The moment she’s out of sight I sighed and looked at my breakfast. 

If only she knew whatever poison she put in the eggs wasn’t going to make me leave her that easily. I wish I could tell her. But that would ruin the fun. 

Maybe one day, I’ll tell her that all her attempts won’t work on me because I’m immortal.