Day… Uhhh (Blog)

Hello everyone. It’s day… uhhh I don’t know. Never would I thought I would lose track of what day it is. Nevertheless, I’m talking to you today about what’s going on. So fun fact, if you guys know that for the past few months pancking and stressing about school. Welp…. I checked my final grades and I passed this semester with As and Bs.

This whole semester I was dying and I passed. Wow. All I could say is I’m surprised but enough of that. More importantly, how is everyone holding up with social distancing? I hope you are staying sane and dealing with this hot weather (or wherever you are).

So I’ve been doing some writing challenges just to see how far I can get. On Sunday, I wrote for 30 mins and I only got about half to 3/4 of a page. Mainly because I was thinking too much than actually writing. The next day, I timed myself for 45 mins and I was impressed with the results. I got about 2 page out of it. This time I just wrote whatever came to my mind instead of thinking.

Tuesday went for an hour and I got two pages but it was more detailed than the last one. I continued this challenge by adding in 15 mins to the time till now and it wasn’t bad. I thought about it and I’m going to post up the results I got so… give me some time to clean up the first story and it will be up later.