Work Update & ….

Hey guys! Hope you all are staying safe indoors. So I have some news for you guys. Like I mentioned in my last blog post this is post will be more interesting.

Alright, things have been slow since I’ve been feeling a bit lazy these past few weeks. It’s been getting pretty bad but I’m getting back into the motion of being productive. To be honest I had to read some fanfiction and it inspired me to quit being lazy. I’ve been working on the third book of Whispers along with doing some edits to Silent Rage. It is tedious but I’m glad I’m back to doing what I love.

The main issue I would say that I’m having right now is, perfecting the right monster or demon for this book. Looking back to when we first wrote it, I knew we were lazy with the monster and it was cringing while hilarious to read over the first draft. This time I’m trying to take a real mythical monster and add a splash of my nightmares. As for right now I’m working on the chapters that doesn’t involve the monster, focusing more on the main characters.

I realized I have to my daily dose of fanfiction before I start writing. Then I’m all set for the rest of the day to write. After all, reading fanfiction started my novel writing journey in the first place.

Also, I wanted to let you know there will be a change coming to Eos & Selene, however, I’m not going to tell you guys what is it or when that change will happen. I’m going to surprise you. It’s more fun that way.

I know it’s weird posting a post on Saturday but I’ve been dealing with finals all week and I’m happy I just finished them today. Also…. I wanted to give a huge shoutout to my writing partner in crime, Sernaro!!!!

Today is special to me and I want to wish her a Happy Birthday! It was writing that brought us closer together and I’m glad we’ve been friends for 5 years now! She’s my number one go to person whenever I need something and vice versa. Love her to the moon and back.