What to do

Sernaro here and thank you for those who read the Eos and Selene blogs regularly. This post will be quite short, do to some unfortunate circumstances involving my grandmother breaking some of her ribs in a car accident I haven’t really been here. But we try to keep out posts going so you the reader have something to look forward to.

Todays post is gonna focus on the current situation today. So my mom is a nurse and has pretty much observed a good chunk of people are upset for several reasons including protests, unemployment being substantially high, and that everyone’s bank account is quite large these days with nowhere to spend it. To that I say, don’t.

Money and spending is imperative to making this economy work as sad as that is but with online sales at an all time high, its best that we take into consideration why we are shopping. Be it for entertainment or famously for a hair cut, we need to remember what is absolutely vital in these times and try not to overdo more than that.

Take a step back and evaluate. Is this purchase absolutely essential to my life? Will it make it healthier? If so then congrats, its time for a grocery trip. If not then consider ordering the item online or learn to diy those activities for yourself. This is quiet time, absolutely enough time to start learning new skills and create new hobbies out of it. This is not the end times, there will be tomorrow. Sernaro, signing off.