Life Man (blog)

Hi guys. Hope you guys are coping with this lockdown thing. Alright, so let talk. Originally, I was supposed to post a blog post last week but it was pretty emotional. It was pretty rough that I couldn’t write anything.

I went through a few panic attacks, multiple headaches and crying myself to sleep and it was mainly because of school. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed at grad school. Even though the university campus is closed and I have classes online my mind hasn’t been focusing the way I want it to be since this semester started.

It has been difficult to be mentally okay but it’s been tough lately. Yeah with COVID-19 but personally myself. It took me this long to realize that I seriously need a break from school. So that’s the plan when this semester ends.

Other than that, I did take a pause in writing from the stress I was getting and I’m slowly getting back into it. A must for me is writing in journal often to have a clear head and free any mental blockage. I know I didn’t post much last week so I’m posting a lot more this week. Mainly to give you guys the missing content. Also, three poems! (I realized I didn’t post a poem on last Saturday so yeah…)

Nevertheless, I’m still keeping an open mind and keeping positive a number one priority for me.

The next blog post will be more upbeat than this one. I feel it’s fair to keep you guys posted on not just writing, but how a fellow writer is dealing with things like stress, and how life is in general. In my opinion, you get to know them more in their life.

Until next time…