Like any other day (Poem)

Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to post the poem so I’m posting one today, another on Thursday and there will be one on Saturday. Don’t forget to head over to our IG page and be on the lookout for our stories to be apart of what poem should I write. Anyways, here you guys go with the first poem of the month.

To them, they followed the rules in staying inside

To me, it’s a normal day

To them, they can only watch a limit amount of tv

To me, I can binge all day and night

To them, the rules of staying inside starts to drive them insane

To me, I’m sane

They keep asking when will they be able to be free

I’ll stay here, minding my business and continue to live my introvert life

Like it’s any other day