Letter to my former “Dearest”

If I were a more honest person, would you have taken me seriously? Perhaps not, I understand but it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t bring me down every now and then. I just wonder where you are and how you’re doing sometimes, it’s been awhile.

I saw you tried to call me again, I’m sorry I didn’t have the heart to pick it up. I was a bit scared of how it would go. Don’t get me wrong, my feelings for you are long gone. I just had somethings thats changed me through the last three years and last I checked, you didn’t have an easy time moving forward.

I was happy for you when you left that voicemail though. I know you just wanted to show off your new girlfriend off to me to make me jealous but I wasn’t. You finally moved on and I can’t be any happier for you. Truth be told I’m currently seeing someone else too, funny how things worked out that way?

You’ll probably never read this and these words will never reach out to you but I needed to get them off my chest. Thank you so much for your time, I hope one day our paths will cross again. Until then, I believe this is it. Goodbye and work towards that future I couldn’t give you my former “dearest”.