3 ways to stay motivated during the quarantin

Hey Sernaro here. If you’re like me, you have everything prepared for the quarantine thanks to covid-19. In fact, the last day I went out, I got so much sewing tools and parts to make things but I finished those projects in a day. But I still have writing projects to do, so how do I stay motivated to do that instead of trying to sleep all day?

First, I like do some chores. Not some kind of chore like washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom (disclaimer: do not ignore these chores, that is disgusting). I’m talking about chores like cleaning your room in small increments or doing the laundry. When I do chores that have time for breaks in between I find I get the most motivated to do any kind of work like writing and editing during the breaks.

Second, I like to do something active. Depending where you live, you maybe on lockdown or stay-at-home. Well if you’re like me then you’re lucky enough to not be infected and totally free to go walks as long as you keep social distancing. Well, the weather is so beautiful so I love going out for a walk and when I come back home I’m generally super motivated to work as well as joy down all the ideas I’ve had while pondering on my walk. For people who are stuck in doors, I like to use my exercise routine to keep me active to get the blood pumping; opening stretches, planking, sit ups, squats, and closing stretches.

Last tip is for those who are too ill but still want to be motivated to work. To keep myself motivated enough to work I like to take timed naps. Gasp, a weird one but hear me out. Doing relatively short 45 minute to 1 hour naps can still keep you relatively rested. I like to use my rested mind from there to take my energy to work. Maybe for a few minutes, even maybe an hour but I like taking my time and getting small increments done reminding myself of how I feel once I’m recovered and see all that progress I did.

Have any tips for me that work for you? Tell us about it. Leave a post on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and we’ll get back to you! Until then, good luck out there and stay safe. Sernaro signing off.