Decision – Story Friday

Inspired by Decisions by Rotimi

Ooh, yeah
Ooh, nah
Ooh, yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah

My head sways side to side to the flow of the song. My eyes were focus on looking out the window while I ignore the outside world with my headphones as I sat on the bus. Reaching my destination, I got off carrying my backpack and entered the mall. Wandering around I scan the place looking for what I need.

My eyes stopped to spot a dress on a mannequin. Entering the store, I searched for the dress until I had it in my hand. I made my way to the dressing room but since my focus was on the dress I ended up bumping into someone, losing my footing and about to fall until something caught me.

Blinking a few times I felt my body getting back on my feet. What just happen? That’s when I looked up to meet a pair of hazel eyes staring into my brown eyes.

Can’t get away from us
Can’t get away from love
It’s just the way it was
If you down, I’m down to do it again, we can try

I don’t know what happened but I couldn’t stop looking into those eyes. Snapping out of it I realized this person was the one who caught me.

“You okay?” His voice brought chills up my spine.

“Yeah. I’m good.” Once I got my footing, I was able to get a good look at him. Judging by his physic he workouts, black hair, hazel eyes, beautiful snicker like chocolate skin and those lips…

“You sure you’re okay?” His voice bought me back from the depths of my thoughts.

“Oh, yeah I’m good. I’m sorry. I didn’t watch where I looking.” I told him. I wasn’t shy or anything. I mean yeah he was sexy as fuck but I knew how to keep my composture. He nods his head.

“Are you okay? I’m the one who did bump into you.” Fixing his plain black t-shirt he told he was fine. Right when I was going to leave his voice stops me.

“Interesting choice.” I turned to him confused.

He pointed, “The dress.” I gave him a smile and said, “Thanks.” He moved to the side as I go into one of available rooms. Setting my stuff down, my mind couldn’t get over him. I can’t believe I bump into someone like him. The feeling quickly faded knowing there was no point in fantasizing about him.

Changing into the dress, it was beautiful. A light pink, halter dress that reached a little above my knees, hugging my body in all the right places. From the collar to the bust was a pink mesh giving a see through look. This was perfect. It’ll be great for tonight.

Leaving the dressing room I wanted to see how it looked with the mirror in the hallways since it did have better lighting. Checking myself in the mirror I heard the voice again bringing chills throughout my body.

“Not bad.” I turned around to find him still there, leaning against the wall. He’s still here?! I thought he was leaving when I bumped into him.

“Yeah. It’s nice.” Moving my focus to the dress.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think that dress suits you.” I raised an eyebrow with my hands on my hips and turned to him.

“Really?” He shrugged.

“And what makes you say that?” He looks at me before replying, “You look like you’re trying too hard to impress someone with that dress. Wear a dress that’ll represents you for who you are.” Alright, not gonna lie that did take me off guard.

“What makes you believe I’m trying to impress someone?” He gets off the wall and slowly walks to me.

“Just a guess.”

“Right, well I like it.” He lifts his hands in a surrender position.

“‘As long as you like it, that’s what truly matters.” Without another word I went back to my dressing room. I stood there thinking to myself about what he said. Was I trying to impress or was I being myself? The more I look at the dress, the more I lost interest in it.

The truth is I’m not myself with this dress. A good five minutes passed by and I decided I that I’m going it take it. The moment I start to unzip I heard his voice.

“Hey, are you still there?” I opened the door a little to see him.

“Can I help you?”

He sighed, “Look I didn’t mean to offend you or the dress. I say things that’s on my mind and I guess I may have taken it too far.”

No, you were right.

“Nah, don’t be. I did ask for your opinion so you’re good. Don’t beat yourself up.” I give him assuring smile and it did make him feel better.

“So. I know I’m over stepping a bit but here.” He hands me a new dress.

“Something was telling me this would be better for you.” I was in awe. This dress was 10x better than the one I was wearing.

“Anyways I have to go. Have a good day.” He waved before walking away. I shut the door with my back leaning against the door I could only stare at the dress. Soon I changed and I couldn’t stop looking at myself. A dark blue, off the shoulder dress with sleeves with some black mesh on top. This was the one. Quickly changing back into my original outfit, I came out of the dressing room to see if he was still around but I didn’t see him.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that he’s gone. Paying for the dress, I left the store. I got what I came here for, however, my nose picked up the scent of food.

When was the last time I ate? Oh right, I haven’t eaten anything yet today. Grabbing a quick bite to leave I glance to the time on my phone to see I still have a bit of time before I leave. Throwing away my trash, my clumsy self didn’t see the water on the floor and I end up sipping back. I waited for impact but it never came. Instead a chuckle fills my ears.

“Falling again? You know you should be more careful.” Glancing up were a pair of hazel eyes staring back to me. Oh crap it’s him!

He helps me up and I noticed him looking at my bag. Whatever you do just play it cool.

“Yeah, I’m clumsy so… Didn’t think I would see you here.” He raised a well trimmed eyebrow.

“I-I mean you said you had to leave so I thought you were gone.” Internally I wanted to palm face myself right now.

“Well my friend wanted to me to accompy her in picking an outfit for her anniversary with her boyfriend. When she found her outfit, she left and I felt in staying for a little longer.”

“You’re a good friend in helping her.” He nods, “She’s like a sister to me and I’m happy to help in anyway I can.” We both stood there unsure of what to say next.

“So I see you found the dress you were looking for?” Oh, right! I completely forgot I was holding the bag in my hand.

“Yeah. Actually I got the one you picked.” His face lit up for a moment.


“Yup, the look was better than the other one. And since you’re in front of me, I want to thank you.” When he smiled with those pearly white teeth my heart began to beat as if I was running a marathon.

“You are welcome.” A smile came to my face seeing him happy.

I should go, right? I found him, said thank you now all I need is ice cream and I’ll leave.

“So are you leaving?” Did not expect that.

“Uh, not yet, I’m going to get some ice cream then leave after.” Don’t do it. Don’t you dare do it.

“Do you want some? It’s the least I can do considering you picked this dress out for me.” He opened his mouth and realizing what I said I had to quickly correct myself.

“I mean you don’t have to. It’s just a peaceful gesture is all, nothing more.” He chuckled. Damn, is it possible to be attracted to someone’s chuckle?

“I was going to say I don’t mind coming along.” Wait what? He agreed! Is it bad that I’m jumping up and down with joy on the inside?

“Okay, let’s go.” We went over to the ice cream store and got what we want. He tried paying for me but I was faster and paid for the both of us. Sitting somewhere we sat there in silence enjoying our dessert.

“Thank you for the ice cream.” The smile on my face never left and I think it will stay there for a while.

“No problem. I’m glad you like it.” He placed his ice cream cup down, scoots his chair in and start to observe me.

“Well now I owe you for the ice cream.” Huh?

“No you don’t. We’re even.” His facial expression told me he wasn’t having it. Thinking to myself on why he would say that until it hit me.

“Is it because I didn’t let you pay for me?”

“It hurt me.” He playfully joked as he placed a hand on his heart like it was in pain.I forgot about that.

“You helped me with the dress. I felt it was right to pay for the ice cream, you’re fine.”

“Nah.” Seriously?

“Alright, what do you suggest to make us even?” He thought about for a moment.

“When’s the next time you’re free?” Come on girl, don’t jump to conclusions. He isn’t asking me on a date. Someone like him, not possible.

“Well I’m free during the weekend. Pick a day.” He simply smiled.

“Good I’m gonna take all those days.” Wow. I had to do a double take from his answer. The man got balls for saying that.

“Come again?”

“You heard me, I’ll see you Friday. I gotta go.” He got up leaving me a bit stunned. He bends down to speak softly to my ear, “See you then, clumsy.” I couldn’t move. It was like his voice put me in a trance. What did I set myself up for?