Seven Little Numbers


I stared at the numbers on my phone screen, begging to be answered. Yet it left me flooded with a mix of uncertainty and amusement. Months ago I might’ve been excited to see this man call me, might’ve been happy to answer by the first ring. But now? Now I just feel no such impulse.

“What’s up?” My beautiful friend asks with a hint of concern.

“It’s nothing.” I shot her a quick smile and reject the call.

I can still see her eyebrows furrow a bit in confusion. I just roll my eyes and get back to my iPad to continue my work, after all this a project of four years in the making. It’s not that I didn’t want to tell her about it, I just feel that I have my own feelings to go through. I love her and I know she would do everything she could to support me but I feel that this time, this is a “me” issue.

It wasn’t until I was deep into my work that I realized my friend was trying to get my attention. I look up and to her amusement, she shifted her eyes to signify a man, perhaps of college age, eyeing me from the Taco Bell across from me.

Lovely” I thought to myself. I give her a look and watch her snicker.

I don’t care enough that I’ve been catching people’s attention. Right now, all I care about it is my work and how I’m going to finish it. It isn’t my business anymore if I don’t care, right? My thoughts were proven wrong as I hear the voice of a man beside me. It was him.

“Hey, I just wanted to say that I thought you were beautiful and I was wondering if we could talk sometime?” The man clearly putting up a false bravado.

He had put down a sum of money on the counter in front of him perhaps to fool me into believing he has money to spend on me. Regardless, I carefully choose my next words so that I offend the man to most minimal degree.

“Sorry. Ummmm I’m actually focusing on my relationship with my boyfriend.”

Flustered, he muttered to himself as he attempted to pick up his money failing to grab the change that now cling on the floor. To be honest, I felt kinda bad but I kinda was trying to get to know someone right now, theres just no labels attached. My friends stares at me in amazement.

“Damn, I thought that only happens in movies!”

“No, this is happening almost daily.” Her mouth gapped open in my response.