Planning out your Work

Hey guys, Sernaro here and today I wanted to discuss the importance on planning out your works. There is a lot that goes into planning out your works and to be honest there isn’t even one set way to go about it as a writer. However, planning out what you want in this work will make the process so much easier and today I’ll run you through a few different ways I go about planning out just writing a chapter.

The first process I like to do when writing out a a new chapter would be to visualize the scene. In this context, I don’t write any dialogue yet. I type up the description of my surroundings as the character in the book. What kind of clothes am I wearing? Am I inside or outdoors? Is it cold outside and how can I translate that into words while making it seem interesting? In this way I start out with several paragraphs that vividly describe what I want you as the reader to see as you read along adding dialogue and character actions later on.

My second process in writing is a pretty lazy method I use when I run out of ideas right now and plan on continuing the train of that for that scene after a break. I start the scene by writing the dialogue as close to what I’m imagining as possible. Perhaps the scene is about two characters discussing the weather. I’d write down the conversation and add in character actions to give myself something like a bookmark to remind myself what I wanted to see happen.

Lastly, one process I’ve used in the past when writing new chapters is to write it all down, no details left behind. I like to think of this process more like as if I’m writing this story like I’m a printer. Every word is carefully typed into the page as they come to mind and things just kinda fall into place. Of course like all of these processes, a proper review of the whole chapter after the first draft is needed though in this case chances are is in this process there will be alot of errors, continuity issues, and it would generally be heard to understand.

Of course this is a just a few different writing methods I’ve personally tried so as an author you should try all sorts of different ways and see what works with you. A nice guide or written plan is also a great way to keep your thoughts together. Just don’t forget to remind yourself to plan it out. Sernaro signing off.