Wednesday blog

Hey guys, Sernaro here. This one is gonna be short cause I’ve got a list of things to do and an overnight shift to prepare for. This weeks blog post will be another blog to update you guys on the progress of the books we are reading through and editing so far.

So we are fully on track to complete our current projects on the general days we specified. Taci has finally given me her edit and additions to book 2 of WITD so I’m gonna go through it thoroughly and add my own additions before we send it to a professional editor. Taci is now reading through the rest of book 1 and sending it out to be edited. We are still penning down our newer projects in our free time.

So thats pretty much all I have for today. We aren’t exactly falling on a schedule per se but we hope to fully meet our expectations this time around. Sernaro signing off.