5 Places that make you Feel Inspired

Hi guys! Happy Thursday. So coming up with a new concept for a book isn’t easy. As hard as it can be, coming up with that idea can lead to frustration and a big headache if you think too hard.

So, what’s the next best thing?

Go to places where it gets your mind flowing. Here are five places you can go to feel inspired.

Cafe/Coffee Shop

It’s a no brainer many people go here to get their work done. Perhaps it’s from the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee, or it’s the atmosphere allowing you to think to yourself.

It’s you, yourself and your work, undisturbed. I like to go for some tea or hot chocolate with a pastry. If you think about it, this place is your home away from home.

The Buffet or anywhere that involves Food

Yes, you heard me. Besides being a writer, I’m also a big foodie. Food is definitely one way to get the brain going with stories in my perspective. Every time I go to a buffet, mostly a Chinese buffet, I don’t know if it’s the food or who I’m with, which is normally Sernaro but I end on a writer’s high and begin coming up with story concepts. Going to a buffet is my special place to get work done and brainstorm new books. It works all the time for me.

This also gives you the chance to use your five senses. What does the food look like? What does it taste like? Can you hear the sizzling of food being cooked? Imagine your character having a feast. What kind of food is there? Or is the food you eat the last meal for your character before they die or go off to some adventure?

The Park

I love nature and my favorite thing to do is to take a stroll at the park. Especially when the leaves are changing color.

It’s my favorite time to go. The sun beams down warm rays while the wind gives a chill breeze. Take a stroll and let your mind wander. Take some time to yourself and ask, what would happen while you’re taking a walk?

What would greet you if you received an anonymous phone call? Is there a creature following you through the trees and so on. Personally with the right playlist I can imagine the possibilities during my walk.

Or another thing you could do is to explore the forest. Many stories include a forest and recreate it to fit their genre.

You can go for a walk any time but I feel the inspiration specifically during autumn season. If nature isn’t for you, that’s fine.

Movie theater

Another way to feel inspired is watching what’s playing on the big screen. The best thing to do is to watch a movie that’s under your favorite genre.

It may seem like you’re watching a movie but honestly you can observe it. Be on the lookout for any details that catch your eye. Watch how the characters are, their personalities and how do they react in a situation?

After the movie is over, take some time to think about it. What did you like about the movie? What didn’t you like about it? What would you have done differently? Could you shape the plot into something great? Who was your favorite and can you place them in a scenario and figure out what would they do?

The Beach

Personally I enjoy the beach if its not over crowded by people and the weather is just right. But I don’t go for the warm or hot weather with hot sand. I go for the large body of water. The way the water form waves and when the waves comes upon shore it’s enticing to take a dip in it.

This is again about using your senses. When you go under the water, how do you feel. What do you hear? When you’re in the water will you see a mermaid swimming to you? What would she look like?

These are my top 5 places I go when I feel stuck and need some inspiration along with a few train rides here and there. Overall, there are many places to feel inspired. Just driving somewhere or going on a train or bus ride can allow the brain to bring up ideas and thoughts.