Wednesday Blog

Hey everyone, Sernaro here and I’m here to give you guys a quick update regarding life and the projects currently under work. It might be a little late considering the time frame and it being close to mid february but better late than never.

So lets start with the projects. We have various projects still under work and I’m excited to say that we are at the final bits of bother stories kn relation to Whispers in the Dark. Once Taci finished her editing, I will take one final look at both drafts before getting it out to you guys. I am currently penning down a draft for one of the characters I created for series and Taci will soon be working on our new project as well as another shorter project catered to you all so look forward to it.

Now for the big news, I have more time to work on these projects again because I have made a decision to step down from full time back to part time at my job. It was a very hard decision for me to make but considering my mental state I wanted what was best for me and what was best was to not take work so seriously anymore. I actually had a plan in my mind for a while to open up my own business so this is honestly a good time for me to start that over and try to make it a reality this time.

Its a very hard time for me and I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been taking the change very well. I may have been isolating myself but I know I have some very loving friends and family behind me. Thank you for listening to my little rant, please look forward to whats to come for 2020 cause I feel its now only started for us. Sernaro signing off.