I’m Saying It (Poem)

What more do you want me to say

Were my actions not enough

Were you offended in anyway


I’ll say it

The moment we met, I couldn’t control my heart

It was jumping for joy, it wanted to meet you

But I withdrew

I knew I wasn’t the one you wanted

Call it doubt, fear, whatever

It change that moment

You came to me when I was sitting on the swing

Flashed a pretty smile and started pushing me

From there it was perfect

You were my light, you always looked after me

Even when I was down

You said nothing and hugged me until I was ready to talk

And if I wasn’t, you didn’t pressure me

A simple kiss on the forehead and that’s it

My energy restored

After many years with you, I’m finally saying it

I’m gonna say it

Because if I don’t then you won’t know

… I love you