Love (Short story)

They say love is a powerful thing.

They say if we loved more there wouldn’t be any hate.

If the love is strong then it can overcome the worst in people, bring them closer together. You first notice a person and they make you nervous, butterflies in the stomach. Go on a first date. It felt good, so you go on another and another. After many dates, you’re in a relationship. The time you spend with them brings you happiness. If they are truly special, then you see a life with them. A future. If what you have with that one is love, then we two can handle what life throw your way.  

 Love can be dangerous. It can creep up in our minds when we fall for a dangerous person, stay a toxic relationship and bring harm when we claim we’re doing it for love. They would look at us like we’re the villains, cold – blooded and any other name they could think of.  All in the name of love. Love is tricky but it can be a healer. Whatever the case, it’s going to be different in other’s definition of the 4 letter word.

One thing for sure, love is a mystery.