The Truth Behind Eos & Selene

Hi guys! Today I wanted to come here and talk about us and why we call ourselves Eos & Selene. Let’s time travel back to 2018. During that year my writing partner and I were working on our first book. Since this was our first time self publishing a book we had to do some research on what to do.

One thing we noticed is that we needed an author’s website. With both of us in school, we didn’t have the funds for a state of the art author website for the two of us, so we made the decision to have one website that showcased both our work. Especially since the majority of the books we would put out is a collaboration between the two of us.

It took us a long time to figure out what to call ourselves. One thing for sure, we wanted a name that represented us as one who is an early bird, and one who is a night owl. After weeks of searching, thinking and terrible name ideas later, we turned to our favorite topic, greek mythology. From there, its where we found our name, Eos & Selene. Eos is the goddess of day, an early bird (Sernaro) or morning as for Selene, she was goddess of the night, a night owl (me). 

When we made Eos & Selene, we agreed it would be our author website, but we wanted to include a blog that’s mixed with writer advice, tips and announcements on new projects but to talk about what goes on in our lives and be real with our readers.

Our goal is to help anyone who is new to writing a book or writing in general. I know for the past year we posted very few post on writing tips but its a new decade and we’re going to write more about writing topics.

In person we often get asked on how to write a book, how’s self publishing etc, this year I’ll fill you guys in on all of it. When we started no one believed us when we said we were going to write a book and we didn’t get much support on it either so why should anyone else who wants to write their own book. Also we want to show some support anyway. We can let others know they don’t have go on their writing journey alone.

So there you have it. The truth behind the name and who we are. It’s always great to come here to talk to you guys and I’ll see you guys next time.