Life so Far (Blog)

Hey guys! I know it’s Sernaro’s week to put up a blog post today but I’m helping her out this week. Things have been stressful for her so I thought why not and lend her a hand. She might post her own blog later today or tonight and that’s fine. Wanted to come here and talk to you guys on what’s going on so far in the first month of 2020.

So far things have been a bit rocky in the new year, but that doesn’t stop me in surpassing myself when the year has just begun. Currently I’m back in school and I’m nervous yet ready to pass this semester. Hopefully it won’t be as stressful like last semester. With papers, exams and projects coming my way, I have to be on top of everything. Luckily, I have my trusty planner with me.

Besides that there are the stories. As my writing partner in crime mention earlier, we are learning through our mistakes and listening to feedback. Right now I’m going back and forth with the Whispers in the Dark book 1 & 2. I realized we wanted to hit our deadline so badly that our first book had many errors to it. I took the feedback and now I’m working to fix it up, probably add in a few new chapters and relaunch them. This time we’re going to take our time to give you guys the best quality in our books.

Not to mention, I decided to renew the project Here in this Diary. Truth is, I had the ebook done with poems and short stories but I wasn’t happy with it, so that project is under construction. I can happily say, the final edition of the book will be ready in February. By next week, I will announce the official drop date of the book. So stay tune…