5 Platforms to Start your Writing Journey

2020 is the year of great things and new changes. Since it’s still the first month of the decade, it’s the perfect time to start that story you’ve always wanted to write. I understand showing people your work can be frightening because we all have that little dark cloud in the back of our minds thinking no one is going to read it or it’s terrible.

I know the feeling. But you don’t know what you write could be the next big thing to capture people’s attention. Now is the time to go for it and start your writing journey. The best thing is you can do this as a trail. Try it by posting your story online. Then if you feel the passion and love for it then you could take the next step and publishing your stuff.

But let’s start off easy. You have a concept in your head, you’ve written and done some editing, now what? You want to post your story online but don’t know where to post it. Here are some writing platforms you can consider when posting your first story.


Wattpad is the largest platform for both writers and readers. There are millions of people writing stories and millions reading them. The platform is free and once you sign up you can start creating your own story. The coolest thing is if your story gets that much attention, you could be contacted by agencies in making your online book into a physical copy or be turned into a film/series.

It also comes with it’s own book cover create page, if you haven’t made a book cover. There are a lot of writing opportunities on the platform and your readers will give you honest feedback about your book. Don’t be surprise if you receive many comments of people asking what happens next in your story.

Honestly that’s the best feeling when someone adores your work. It gives you the strength to keep going. If you are going through some writer’s block, here’s a tip. Engage with your readers. Ask your readers what should happen next. Or ask them to write their own one page story on their take of what would happen next and the winning person will see their work on your story. Be sure to give them credit for it.


If you are someone who enjoys writing story of putting yourself, your main character into a tv show or movie etc or even write about characters from a book or tv show then Fanfiction is the place.

I personally love Fanfiction because it’s where I first started writing. In one of my previous blogs ‘5 things I discovered when writing’, I mentioned I posted a story where I got over 11 thousand people reading it. Fanfiction was the place where I posted the story. I still post some work there to this day and I won’t stop. I enjoy putting either my main characters inspired by my friends, family or myself into worlds I wish I was there myself.

I discovered Fanfiction when I was 12 and I started off first reading other people’s stories. I was so hooked on it that I wouldn’t go to bed until 2am because I wanted to keep reading more. When I got the courage to post my own story I discovered I had a love for it and I didn’t want to stop. I would get emails of people following the story and commenting how they enjoyed it or what they thought of the chapter or characters.


I’ve heard about Inkitt but I never used it. With this platform, you can write your story where readers can give you feedback and reviews on your book and if your book does well with reader engagement then the platform will publish your book on different platforms.


If you are someone who enjoys reading and prefer to write book reviews, one option you can do is write a blog where you post your own stories or book reviews. There are millions of writers and readers on WordPress, the platform is free unless you want to upgrade it but that choice is yours.

Dark Poetry

Alright, don’t be fooled by the title. This platform is for poets to express their poetry. Once you go on it you might believe it’s meant for those who write dark material when actually there are many genres available. Of course joining is free along with different formats you can read from, for example, poems, journal entries, essays etc. I discovered this website before I found Fanfiction and did post some poems but it was years ago.

Keep in mind those are some of the biggest platforms to write. There are others that I don’t know of. It’s never too late to start your writing journey, whether it’s a hobby or you wish to pursue it full time now is the best time to start. Happy writing!