Wednesday Blog

Hey everyone, Sernaro here. So we’re a few weeks into 2020 and things are finally settling down at work so now all I have to do is catch up on old projects. Today is gonna be more of an update on current projects as well as a look at future projects yet to be made.

So what happened to my latest project that was supposed to come out last month? Well for those who follow us, you get that were still working on Whispers in the Dark rewrite to more properly match a more professional writing style. Well the second book in the series is undergoing the same scrutiny we’ve been working to maintain in editing the first book. I admit, we aren’t near done seeing there will be a bonus chapter included as well as few characters to introduce that will appear in a future project (hint hint).

There is one other project Taci and I have been discussing for awhile based on what the dynamic the two of us have. I can’t say much about it but it’ll be a new book featuring magic and swords in a fantasy setting. There are so much we want to do with this one but this project will have to wait in favor of finishing our current projects.

Today will end and tomorrow will be a new day. Until next time, Sernaro signing off.