New Year, Time to Change

Hey guys! Happy New Year! I hope you guys are starting the year off on a strong note or not, that’s fine it’s completely up to you. So for the last two weeks of December, I’ve gone through some recollection and decided to put things into action for the new year and actually keep my word to it.

2019 taught me a lot but one thing I’ve noticed is when I say I’ll do something and I end up not doing it because I either forgot or procrastinated. But I’m tired of it. I’m going to change that. I’m putting things into motion and I’m going to hold myself accountable for it.

Another new year resolution is finally starting a reading list. I’ve been wanting to do one for the past two years however, it never happened. So I’m putting that into motion this year and created a list of books I want to get through reading before the year is over. To be honest, I’m starting the reading list with 10 books. I think it’s a decent amount. Of course, throughout the next few years, I do want to increase the number of books but we’ll see.

One particular resolution I want to work on is how to market the books better and to stay consistent with the blog, which means no going MIA for a long time. Along with being consistent on social media and marketing for old books, new books even other things in the future. It’s time to be serious about this and I’ll work hard to see the results I hoped to gain.

Overall I made a list of things I’m going to get done this year and I’m excited to get started on them. This year we’ll have physical copies of the ongoing Whispers series (Not telling when though. Still need to discuss it with Sernaro.) But be on the lookout for them.

There will be two new books dropping this year, both dropping in October. It could change but that is our primary month. One, part of the Whispers series another one is brand new but I’m not going to say anything until the first week of February. It’s not part of the Silent Trilogy. That will be coming next year and I’ll get more into that sometime later in the next few months.

What about you guys? Have you already started your new years resolutions? What are you trying to accomplish in 2020?