Wednesday Blog

Hey Sernaro here, today should be December 18th and Taci has revealed the title of our newest work as well as aged another year as of last week. (happy belated birthday, Taci! ^.^).

It has come to my attention that perhaps I paid too much attention to some of my reader’s old request to write shorter chapters when we were writing through Wattpad and the book came out much shorter than I had anticipated. As such, I am adding more as a bonus to the book including a side story that was initially planned on being removed from the series and I’ll be padding out chapters that could use more detail. As such the book will most likely be delayed until January of 2020.

To those readers looking forward to reading the book, I apologize. I will be in talks with Taci to see how we can approach doing discounts for our patient followers for the fist month or so. I am going through a hard time especially since its the holidays but that is no excuse as someone who wants to write professionally. Please just be a little more patient with me as this is a learning experience for me alone and from what I gathered from doing the first book, I do not want to have to do the book over a second time just to meet a deadline.

I hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive this inexperienced author cause this is not Taci’s fault. I want to make a quality product that can stand up to a real book and I wish I can go on about the person I had contacted to do my cover, it was freaking disaster! But thank you for taking the time to read this post. This is Sernaro, signing