Work + School + Writing

Hi guys. Hope you are doing better than me. Things have been stressful the past few weeks. But let’s talk. I wanted to post this today because it’s a special day. It’s my birthday and I thought it would better to post this.

So after the failing of the writing challenge, my life have been taken over by my job. Four days out of the week I was working about 44 hours, maybe more if they needed me for overtime. That plus juggling school hasn’t been easy for me. Especially when after work I would go straight to class.

Some of those times I would end up sleeping in class or missing some important information. Luckily, I was able to catch up what I missed with my professor during his office hours. Now its finals week and all I have to deal with is an essay and lab.

Besides that, I quit the job. Yup, you heard me. I quit. Resigned. Turns out the job was taking a serious toll on my body to the point it was hurting while I was sleeping. Even painkillers helped for a moment before I would feel pain again. It was not worth it. So I quit and now I can breathe a bit. I have applied to a few other jobs but fingers crossed.

As for writing, Im ready to get back into it. But I could use you guys help. Starting the new year, I want to start a reading list. Along with trying new writing challenges in the new year. If you have any books that are a great read please let me know.