Wednesday Blog

Hey guys! So it’s been a while. Well, that depends if you’ve been catching up with my nanowri challenge.This week has be busy and tiring since I started working. I’ve survive work with 5 hours minimum of sleep also handle school work. The good news is I’m done working the week, so that means I can sleep in, get work done and enjoy before starting work again on Sunday.

Besides that there are some things I wanted to let you know. So, I made an agreement to myself in the new year things are gonna change. Mainly learning how to market our current books and ones in the future. I think I told you guys that I am a business student but my major is not marketing. Just posting on our Instagram is a challenge for me that i’m trying to overcome. During the summer (since i didn’t have a job)I actually posted every week and everyday on the IG stories. Now school’s back in session and I’m a ghost. It’s hard but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up.

I’m that kind type of person who doesn’t like to give up. Of course if something telling me a project I’m working on isn’t going well and i have to think about it, then I’ll stop working on it. But it doesn’t mean I give up entirely on it. It’s just being back in the thinking process.

Other news is the Whispers in the Dark series. After talking to early bird we have been working on the first book and the second one. So, in our first book we did have some errors and we felt the book was incomplete. Now we written it in the way we feel more confident in and it’s be processed for an update version. I’m not so sure when but version 2 of the first Whispers in the Dark book will come out soon.

As for the new book Hidden in the Dark, I wanted to bring the hype like Silent Rage at the beginning of this year, however, book 2 is mainly my cowriter’s idea and through her perspective. With that being said, she was hesitate about me talking about book 2 for the whole year. But it’s literally one month from December and she has told me bits of information. Of course whenever she needs helps, she does talk to me about it. Still, I didn’t know what was going on.

As for Silent Rage, I’m happy that it’s out. It used up all the dark thoughts I had in my mind. To be honest, I may have a 2nd vision done to it. Looking back I realized I could have put more into it without spilling any additional details. I might do that.

But yeah guys that’s all I have for you at the moment. I’m not going to post today’s writing challenge. I’m exhausted from today. Until tomorrow.