Nano Challenge – Day 11

Hey guys! Wow. Can I tell you guys something. I got my laptop back today and it feels so good to have it back. That missing part I was feeling for a few days have been restored. With that said working long hours and then going to classes after… it’s a freaking challenge. I’m exhausted but I still have to update you guys on a new post.

I know I’m suppose to post earlier, I’m working on that. Please cut me some slack today. But that’s enough of that. I do have some annoucements but I’m going to wait until Wednesdays blog post to tell you, along with another update on the challenge.

Until then here’s a night poem


Since the day of birth, you were there

I never knew why but I always thought of it

Whenever you were out, I looked through the window

To see you there so mysterious and beautiful

When light came, I slept

When you came, I was up until dawn

You always greeted me with comfort

Sometimes you scared me

But it ended up with me adoring you

Till this day I still adore you

Alas, I grew up

I have responsibilities and adulting

If I didn’t work I would be awake with you

For I am part of the night like you

Like any creature of the night

I’m nocturnal