Day 6 – Nanowri Challenge

Hey guys! Here’s another poem for you guys. I honestly didn’t know what to call it so any poems with no titles will be called unknown. Maybe by the end of the month I can look back and give them a title. Or not. Hmm… yeah most likely they’ll remain unknown.

How are you guys dealing with this challenge so far? Are you working through it? Have you given up? It’s all good. I’m still keeping up with this everyday. Anyways here’s a new poem.

Unknown #1

Is it weird I’m feeling this way?

I mean I used to the rejection

I’m used to know noticing me

But you see me

I’m not invisible

You see me even when my friend is next to me

You pay no mind to them

You see me and only me

Now whenever I’m somewhere

More of them see me

Is it because of you?

I’m not invisible anymore

Especially through your eyes

I’m the only thing you see

It makes me… happy