Day 3 – Nano Challenge

Okay, so some good news! Also, apologizes for posting so late. I’ll try to post the updates earlier.

Alright, moving onto business. After a terrible day 2 I was able to rethink the story I had originally and decided to make a book filled poems and short stories. The title I got so far is Here Lies in this Diary.

I’ll work on the title later but for some reason I’ve been in the mood to write poems more often so that’s my finally direction of where I wanna go for this challenge.

So, here’s one of the poems I wrote for today.


When I first saw you, something ignite in me

Your smile, your eyes, your charm took me

I knew I had to talk to you

But I didn’t know

I didn’t know of what I would get myself into

I brushed off the feeling

You told me you loved me

I was happy

My trust in you grew

Doubt was washed away

Until that night…

It’s when you tell me the news

You tell me you slept with another person

At that point everything around started to fade away

All those times you told me I was the one

The times you wanted to be with me


Now the trust I had for you is gone

The doubt returns twice as hard

And the world we’ve created starts to burn

Are you happy with yourself?

Was it worth it?

Your apologizes don’t mean anything anymore

No matter how bad I want to be in your embrace and pretend it never happened

I can’t

I have to let what we had burn

It’s the only way I can be free