Taking on the Nanowrimo Challenge! Well…

Hey guys. Happy Friday! The weekend is here and I have some news. Okay so I will be doing the nanowrimo challenge this whole month of November. To be honest, I didn’t know about the challenge until a few days ago. Maybe you guys are thinking:

How do you not know about this challenge? A lot of writers do it.

Or maybe is my own imagination. But yeah, I’m going to try it but with my own twist.

So the point of the challenge is to write a book with 50,000 words, starting from Nov 1st to 30th. Since I didn’t prepare for this challenge at all, I’m going to challenge myself to write as much as I can before the month is over.

Will it succeed knowing that I get writer’s block and a bit of procrastination? Will I fail? I don’t know. We’ll see. I want you guys to be apart of the process so I’m going to post everyday for the ENTIRE month on my progress. This means I will be posting up mainly pictures and videos of my work.

I’m excited. I already have an idea in mind and I’m ready to do this. I guess day 1 is telling you about it and starting tomorrow the real work begins.