Silent Rage is now out!

Hey guys! I know it’s the day after Halloween and you guys were expecting the release. Let’s just say I had a crazy night and the launch flew passed me. I’m shaking my head so hard at myself. I’m awful.

But nevertheless, I’m telling you guys that the book is live and you guys can finally get your hands on an online version of my new book Silent Rage! This book has drained me throughout this whole year. But I’m happy it’s done and it’s ready for you guys to read it. I would appreciate it if you guys read it and let me know what you think. My writing journey isn’t over, I’ll keep going and learn along the way. Of course, I’m going to fill you guys in along the way. So yeah, thanks for sticking with me on the journey and let’s reach for greatness together.

Get your copy of my new book, Silent Rage now!