Happy Halloween (Poem)

The time has come

For monsters and ghouls to arise as one

A moon so full and gleam so bright

It’s perfect for us to play at night

To walk in the land of the living and bring terror, I notion

In order to make this a night no will ever forget, I make this potion

Pinch of sugar, tail of frog, blood of dragon, eyes of hog

See it bubble as it glows, why not add petals of a dead rose

Tongue of bull, heart of cat, dust of bones, wings of bats

Don’t forget, it’s important to add heads of brats

The potion is ready, it’s time to say the words

Remember once you start, you must go onwards

Bend the bones and break the back

Tonight is the night we will attack

Listen closely, listen still

You can hear them, the dead shrills

We’ll haunt and taunt them all

Howls from wolves will be our call

When the sun rises, we shall return to shadows and become unseen

Let’s remember this night and have a Happy Halloween